We have the lowest cost in Industry AND we provide the best service using our GPS Mapping Technology to prove our visits.


Field Code Description Computation Rate
FIELDTECH Field Technician per hour $85.00
FIELDTECHGRANDE Field Technician Grande Praire per hour $90.00
PERDIEM Per Diem per hour $5.00
MILEAGEGRANDE Mileage Grande Prairie per km $1.09
GPSCELL GPS and cellphone per job $39.00
MILEAGE Mileage per km $0.99


Office Rate Code Description Computation Rate
PRM Project Manager per hour $125.00
PML Project materials and letters per job $19.50
SRNA Senior Negotiator (if needed) $145.00
MGS Map/GIS Staff per hour $125.00
RPA Admin per hour $85.00
* Note: Price Subject to change.