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A good Flare Notification is easy to do well but The Flare Notice Team goes the extra mile to protect our Clients. Our field staff are friendly, local and knowledgeable “people persons” who represent our Clients with a smile and integrity at the lowest rates in the Industry.

Our process is fast and extremely precise. We can perform a Flare Notification and create the Report and Map in as little as 30 hours (48 hours notice would be nice.) We use GPS equipment to precisely record our path and the interactions with the Residents. Our methods ensure that no one is missed and we can prove our attendance to their home thereby protecting our Clients.

With the Flare Notice Team Map the AER will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you did indeed perform your Flare Notification as per the requirements of Directive 60 on time.

Our Resident Reports will clearly highlight to you any concerns that your Residents may have. We always treat the Residents with respect, fairness and we are more than glad to bring forth their concerns to our Client to ensure a harmonious relationship is maintained.

Additionally, when we perform a Flare Notification in conjunction with a Frac Notification we will check the entire Fracing FPZ for current activities that may be of extreme importance to your fracing operations. We work directly with your onsite supervisor so that everyone is kept in the loop of current and relevant events.

We enjoy educating and communicating with the Public and we always notify the local authorities of our activities in advance. Your communications with the Public are extremely important.

We have very competitive rates; please see our Rate Sheet and some sample job costs.

We are glad to earn your business and we will make it easy for you to use our services.

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