Online Cost Estimator

Please use our Online Cost Estimator to calculate the approxiamate cost of your Flare Notification, the instructions are to the right.

IMPORTANT NOTE : This is an estimate of the cost of the project. Costs may vary for good reasons that are not expected.


  • First, locate the project area. Using the Zoom slide to the left of the map please zoom into the area where your project is located.
  • Second, Right Click to add Marker in the approxiamate location of your well.
  • The Flare Notice Cost Estimator will select our nearest Field Agent and automatically provide you with an approxiamte cost estimate for your Flare Notification.
  • Now click on our Order Form and complete the order and we shall start immediately to perform your Flare Notification.
  • Click "Remove" in the Marker Info Window to delete Marker.


Nearest Field Office
Straight line distance from Agent to well.
Cost Estimate